‘Once Upon a Time in an Art Gallery’ tour

From 10.30 -12.30 every Friday
(12 people maximum, all over 16 years of age)

1. The tour begins at 10.30 in the Reading Room above the Olivier Cornet Gallery in 3 Great Denmark Street where you are welcomed by Olivier and Jean. They will give you a history of the room you are sitting in and an introduction to the concept underlying the morning ahead.

2. The group will sit and listen to the story which influenced the art work they will see later. Jean will tell you the story and afterwards help you visualise your response to it. All of this happens in your head and there is no pressure to share your response with anyone else. But it is great fun if people are comfortable enough to do so as the individual interpretations are all so different. They are all celebrated as there is no correct or incorrect interpretation.

3. We leave Olivier’s gallery and walk for five minutes to the place where the work is housed. (This may be outdoors). We look at the art work together and you can compare your image with the piece of art in front of you. Maybe it will hold fragments of your creative thinking maybe it will be completely different. That doesn’t matter. What matters is you are now curious and open to the art history and theory behind the work. Jean will tell you about the artist, their work, inspiration and place in Irish art history.

4. After this we stroll back to Olivier’s Gallery and by 11.30 - 11.40 you will be listening to Olivier as he talks to you for 20 – 30 minutes about his practice as a gallerist and curator, also covering commercial aspects of the art world.

After all the listening, imagining, visualising and learning, we will return to the Reading Room to enjoy a well-deserved coffee with the best of Irish produce for you to savour, and our conversation can continue until 12.30. After coffee, those who wish are welcome to freely browse through the works of artists represented by Olivier.

This is a morning which emphasises your interaction with Art. Olivier and Jean want you to enjoy discovering the ‘creative’ within yourself and experiencing a connection with a piece of art through it. They are both passionate about Art and the experience of connecting with its potential.


Olivier Cornet Gallery
3 Great Denmark Street
Dublin 1, Ireland

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