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Jordi Forniés

"I can’t deny feeling pure, unencumbered fascination for materiality in painting. I admire those artists that are capable of bringing surprisingly unconventional tools, materials, and elements into their work. Currently, my artistic interests center on this: the effects of the aggregation of different materials within each painting. This is something that, perhaps because of my scientific background, plays a primary role in my creative process. I plan and architect how materials will interact with, attract, and/or repel one another, and then I experiment, imposing the rules and regulations that will ultimately decide which of these materials should (and will) coexist within a particular universe.

The rules of attraction, as we are taught, dictate that oil and water are meant to separate. In a metaphoric sense, they detest one another; in nature, however, they are in continuous, intimate contact within our very cells. This is one of the key interactions that supports life. On a larger scale, though, nature plays with illusion in a masterly way, producing amazing tricks of the eye that we, as humans, can only hope to comprehend. This is the scale in which most art exists. I’m inspired by Jackson Pollock’s mantra, “I am Nature!” I hope to build on that mandate, infusing it with a completely different meaning and intent, mechanically forcing seemingly-incompatible materials together within my work to illustrate their intrinsic unity where their relationship might otherwise go unacknowledged or unappreciated.
I borrowed the musical term ‘Counterpoint’ to define this idea. Counterpoint exemplifies the power of decision involved when intertwining individualities within a single, unique piece of work. I consider my paintings here to be full of counterpoints precisely because of the inertia and force I’ve placed within and behind those materials that should repel or love one another. I require their essential togetherness, and they, in turn, embody my paintings’ aesthetics and who I am as an artist.

- Jordi Forniés, March 2015

Jordi Forniés (born in Huesca, 1971) is a Catalan artist based in Dublin (Ireland) for many years but currently studying art in Singapore. A chemist by training, Jordi has a clear understanding of the materials he works with, their potential as well as their limits when combined and interacting with other media.
The artist has been represented (in Ireland) by the Olivier Cornet Gallery since 2007.

Since 2015

the harbour_smaller

'Harbour' - encaustic, oil and resin on steel sheet - 40x40cm


'Green Pearl' - Encaustic and mineral pigments on board - 60x40cm

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